With love for mosaic art, this site is dedicated solely to the mosaic artists and timeless pieces. As a team of mosaic artists and enthusiasts, we seek out the world’s unique mosaic pieces during our travel as we explore the destinations both near and wide.

Here at Mosaic Atlas, we stay inspired by the structure, strength, and color of nature that we create with essential pieces. We believe that mosaics are a reflection of the parts of life and how they symbol hope and strength.

Mosaic art doesn’t require much observation or introspection to realize just how much we have around us. Those tiny pieces may look scattered and dismayed, yet those broken pieces can create something that is beautiful and life-saving.

We believe that mosaic art is more than broken stones as today’s contemporary mosaicists develop their work from gorgeously stained glass, tiles, and ceramic that they cut to fit their needs of each piece.

Mosaic Atlas will help you explore the beauty and art of mosaics as well as its foundations. Here you will find all that mosaic enthusiasts want to know about the art and how you can find inspiration in your work. We strive to bring new life and create timeless art from pieces of plates, stone walls, or glass that was once broken.