Top 6 Places to Study Mosaic Art in the U.S.

Are you looking to study Mosaic Art in the United States? We’ve narrowed down the top six places to study Mosaic Art.

San Diego Mosaic School – San Diego, California

The San Diego Mosaic School seeks to inspire and educate everyone about the art of mosaics. Every student at every level is welcome to participate as long as you have the passion for creativity and originality. The class focuses on the placement of the tiles, design and the comparison between ancient and contemporary patterns.

Arctic Mermaid Mosaics – Wasilla, Alaska

The Arctic Mermaid Mosaics offers classes that range from beginners to experts and everyone in between who wish build their creativity and learn how to master the art of mosaic. The class is very useful in dealing with all forms of projects. You will learn how to start with different techniques and how to find the best pieces.

Institute of Mosaic Art – Oakland, California

The Institute of Mosaic Art provides a unique resource for mosaic education that offers students technical and unique skills. Their courses provide all aspects of mosaics that range from design, mural making, applications, and sculptures.

Flamingo Fanny Mosaics – Port Charlotte, Florida

The Flamingo Fanny Mosaics studio offers workshops for all levels of mosaic learners. You will find everything you want to learn about mosaics from adhesives to base materials, tools, and grout. The expert courses will also involve the lessons with mesh, Styrofoam, wrap, concrete, glass and found objects that can be used in the mosaic art.

Uncle Ian’s Hawai’i – Orchiland, Hawaii

Uncle Ian offers a monthly, week-lend retreat where you can learn about mosaic art and exploring the island. You will learn the various techniques that include traditional, natural and free-flowing mosaic art while you explore the great outdoors.

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5 Examples of the Best Mosaic Art Pieces

Have you been stuck trying to look for more inspiration for your next mosaic piece of art? Check out these five examples of the best mosaic art pieces.

Hitchcock Gallery – Leytonstone, London

The Hitchcock Gallery located in the east city of London displays a series of seventeen mosaics that have been placed along the entrance corridors of the tube station in Leytonstone. Each artwork used as many as 75,000 tiles and took over seven months to complete. You will find many famous scenes from Hitchcock’s movies such as Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds, and Rebecca.

Revelers – 42nd Street Subway Station, New York

Created by Jane Dickson, the Reveler’s series is displayed in NYC’s underground museum with nearly seventy pieces of mosaic artwork. The mosaic portraits are life-sized that shows revelers who celebrate the New Year. You can find the pieces along the entrance corridors that lead to the central station.

Svelata – Amalfi, Italy

Created by internally acclaimed muralist, painter, illustrator and mosaicist, Mia Tavonatti; the Svelata series is comprised as large paintings that include the Svelata – a stunning piece that put her name as the winner of the open art competition back in 2010. The large image contained over hundreds of thousands of broken glass.

Fishpond – Croydon, London

The fishpond mosaic piece was displayed in an award-winning public garden located in the business area of Croydon, London. Award-winning Designer Gary Drostle used a reserve technique with ceramic tesserae. The mosaic piece shows the tradition as well as a unique combination of the pattern.

Secret Mosaic Staircase – San Francisco

Hidden in the spots of San Francisco, the Secret Mosaic Staircase contains approximately 163 steps of amazing mosaic art that lead you towards the natural view of the city. Aileen Barr, an Irish ceramist and mosaic artist, Colette Crutcher created the artwork over a period of nearly three years and three hundred volunteers. The staircase took over 70,000 mirror fragments and 2,000 tiles to complete the design.

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Top 3 Must-See Mosaic Monuments You Should Visit Now

Do you love to travel and discover the country’s most famous work of art? Check out these top three must-see mosaic monuments you should visit now!

Akbar’s Tomb – Agra, India

The tomb of Akbar, the Mughal emperor, was built in the early 1600s by the son Prince Salim. Akbar was said to be among the great rulers in the entire history of India. However, the tomb was robbed of all the jewels, gold, and treasures as well as dragged Akbar’s bones to be burned as a form of revenge by Raja Ram Jat.

The mausoleum is known for its stunning mosaic designs with glazed tiles and stones to create a geometric work of art. The monument combined the themes of three different religions as an impressive gateway.

Villa Romana Del Casale – Sicily, Italy

Built during the fourth century, the Villa Romana Del Casale is most famous for its largest and richest mosaics in the world. The ancient mosaics decorated the floors of the Roman villa as the most famous piece is “Bikini Girls.” The artwork shows a group of women performing sports.

Another mosaic artwork that was well-preserved was “The Little Hunt” that shows a hunt with dogs in a game of capture.

Maison Picassiette, Chartres, France

While the home itself was built in the early 1930s, it wasn’t until Raymond Isodore, the owner of the house decided to cover the entire home with mosaic patterns and designs. It was during his walk that he noticed his admiration for mosaics. He then began his work inside the home by tiling her surface with broken glass from the ceilings to the floor and furniture in between.

After his home was complete, he began building a throne and a chapel where his most famous designs include animal mosaics, Christian mosaics, and reproductions.

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