5 Examples of the Best Mosaic Art Pieces

Have you been stuck trying to look for more inspiration for your next mosaic piece of art? Check out these five examples of the best mosaic art pieces.

Hitchcock Gallery – Leytonstone, London

The Hitchcock Gallery located in the east city of London displays a series of seventeen mosaics that have been placed along the entrance corridors of the tube station in Leytonstone. Each artwork used as many as 75,000 tiles and took over seven months to complete. You will find many famous scenes from Hitchcock’s movies such as Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds, and Rebecca.

Revelers – 42nd Street Subway Station, New York

Created by Jane Dickson, the Reveler’s series is displayed in NYC’s underground museum with nearly seventy pieces of mosaic artwork. The mosaic portraits are life-sized that shows revelers who celebrate the New Year. You can find the pieces along the entrance corridors that lead to the central station.

Svelata – Amalfi, Italy

Created by internally acclaimed muralist, painter, illustrator and mosaicist, Mia Tavonatti; the Svelata series is comprised as large paintings that include the Svelata – a stunning piece that put her name as the winner of the open art competition back in 2010. The large image contained over hundreds of thousands of broken glass.

Fishpond – Croydon, London

The fishpond mosaic piece was displayed in an award-winning public garden located in the business area of Croydon, London. Award-winning Designer Gary Drostle used a reserve technique with ceramic tesserae. The mosaic piece shows the tradition as well as a unique combination of the pattern.

Secret Mosaic Staircase – San Francisco

Hidden in the spots of San Francisco, the Secret Mosaic Staircase contains approximately 163 steps of amazing mosaic art that lead you towards the natural view of the city. Aileen Barr, an Irish ceramist and mosaic artist, Colette Crutcher created the artwork over a period of nearly three years and three hundred volunteers. The staircase took over 70,000 mirror fragments and 2,000 tiles to complete the design.

Which one of these mosaic art pieces is your favorite? Can you recommend any mosaic artwork that is not listed? Comment below and share your opinions with us!