Famous Artists

With the array of mosaic artists that stem from all over the world, we have combined a list of mosaic artists that have made the traditional method of mosaic into a fantasy with their unique artwork and creativity.

Check out the following list of the most famous mosaic artists in the world.

   Antoni Gaudi – Spain

With a passion for architecture and art, Antoni Gaudi transformed his passions with spiritually and became the best-known Catalan Modernism practitioner. He used the elements of his work to create handcrafts in architecture designs such as marble, glass, and ceramic mosaics and paired them beautifully with iron. Today, you will see at least seven of his masterpieces included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Maurice Bennett – Australia

As a man who was famous for using toasted bread as a medium of his mosaic art, Maurice Bennett became well known as he burns bread to create various shades of dark colors. He is famous in Australia, South Africa, and Europe for his toasted portraits of iconic, timeless pieces such as Elvis Presley, the Mona Lisa, and even President Barack Obama.

Pete Mason – Britain

Known as the Pop Art Mosaicist, Peter Mason admired the work of icon Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and turned his work into pop-art mosaics with the use of postage stamps. His work uses as many as 20,000 marks and takes around eight weeks to complete a single piece of art.

Emma Karp Lundstrom – Sweden

Along with her father Heldge lundstrom, Emma Karp has used as many as 75,000 apples for a single piece of apple mosaic work. Their work is well known at the Kivik Apple Market that is used to promote apples from Sweden. Their murals were created with real apples of all shapes, colors, and sizes to create interesting work.