Top 6 Places to Study Mosaic Art in the U.S.

Are you looking to study Mosaic Art in the United States? We’ve narrowed down the top six places to study Mosaic Art.

San Diego Mosaic School – San Diego, California

The San Diego Mosaic School seeks to inspire and educate everyone about the art of mosaics. Every student at every level is welcome to participate as long as you have the passion for creativity and originality. The class focuses on the placement of the tiles, design and the comparison between ancient and contemporary patterns.

Arctic Mermaid Mosaics – Wasilla, Alaska

The Arctic Mermaid Mosaics offers classes that range from beginners to experts and everyone in between who wish build their creativity and learn how to master the art of mosaic. The class is very useful in dealing with all forms of projects. You will learn how to start with different techniques and how to find the best pieces.

Institute of Mosaic Art – Oakland, California

The Institute of Mosaic Art provides a unique resource for mosaic education that offers students technical and unique skills. Their courses provide all aspects of mosaics that range from design, mural making, applications, and sculptures.

Flamingo Fanny Mosaics – Port Charlotte, Florida

The Flamingo Fanny Mosaics studio offers workshops for all levels of mosaic learners. You will find everything you want to learn about mosaics from adhesives to base materials, tools, and grout. The expert courses will also involve the lessons with mesh, Styrofoam, wrap, concrete, glass and found objects that can be used in the mosaic art.

Uncle Ian’s Hawai’i – Orchiland, Hawaii

Uncle Ian offers a monthly, week-lend retreat where you can learn about mosaic art and exploring the island. You will learn the various techniques that include traditional, natural and free-flowing mosaic art while you explore the great outdoors.

Got any places you would like to recommend to us? Comment below and share it with us!

Audrey Coffin

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